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Teaching kids how to handle stress

Teaching kids how to handle stress - Stress can affect a child's physical, emotional, social and intellectual well-being. Help your child face his problems by teaching him the necessary skills to deal with them.
How to !
Help your child cope with stress

  1. Sleep well. Make sure your child gets enough sleep every night. Maintain a regular bedtime and wake-time.
  2. Relax. Let your child do things that he enjoys, be it playing outdoors with friends or listening to music, so as to enhance his mood and to relax himself.
  3. Model positivity. Children learn by watching their parents. Show him that stress is normal and can be handled effectively and healthily, for example, going for jog helps to relax and reduce stress.
  4. Teach him how to handle criticism. Whether it is teasing from friends or comment from teachers and other parents, let your child know that no one is perfect and we can learn from every experience.
  5. Develop a routine. Children need predictability and routines. Let your child know how what to expect. This gives him a sense of control so that he feels less helpless and stressed.
  6. Teach problem-solving skills. Sit with your children and teach him hoe to inentity a problem, come up with posibble solutions, and braistrom for the best. Eventually, he will learn to do this on his own.

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